Hair Loss Prevention Serum

A Quick Look at Onèss Intensive Hair Therapy for Hair Loss

What is Intensive Hair Therapy for hair loss? How can it make a difference in combating hair loss? You may be surprised at what this simple treatment is capable of. Keep reading to learn more, including the science behind it and other products in the Onèss collection.

Stem Cell Therapy for Your Hair

Stem cells are amazing: They're literally one of the building blocks of life. They develop into a wide range of cell types, including bone, muscle, skin and hair. Collections of stem cells live inside each follicle, creating and maintaining hair strands during their two- to seven-year growth cycles.

Recent studies have discovered that follicle stem cells get thinner as we get older. Unfortunately, they can slip out of the follicles and die. When this happens, we end up with less hair growing to replace the roughly 100 strands we naturally shed every day.

Onèss Intensive Hair Therapy contains a critical solution to this problem: Redensyl. It's part of our Stem-Cell Complex for thinning hair, shown to encourage stem cell division and rejuvenation. We pair Redensyl with other plant-based compounds like ginger extract and wheat protein to help strengthen new strands. Onèss Intensive Hair Therapy is very convenient and easy to use by spraying onto your scalp six to ten times and gently rub for one to two minutes. Use daily for three months for best result.

Natural Hair Restoration

As a key component of Intensive Hair Therapy for hair loss, Redensyl is an alternative to traditional hair restoration therapies. Get yours now exclusively from Onèss.

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