Hair Loss Prevention Serum

Can a Simple Shampoo Help Thinning Hair?

Does the shampoo you use make a difference when it comes to thinning hair? It certainly can — but it depends on which one you choose. Thanks to new breakthroughs, you can address hair thinning and loss with a simple shampoo. How? Keep reading to find out.

Stem Cells, Hair Loss and You

Stem cell therapy holds an important key to combating hair loss. Recent research has discovered that stem cells shrink as we age. They may even escape our hair follicles and die. Unfortunately, those cells are the very ones responsible for generating new hair strands and maintaining their ongoing growth.

Redensyl is a plant-based compound that's a vital piece in the hair loss puzzle. Clinical trials have demonstrated its ability to promote new hair growth by encouraging cell division and regeneration. Onèss Shampoo includes this compound, shown to be an impactful alternative to traditional hair transplants.

Our strengthening shampoo for thinning hair pairs Redensyl with other plant-based ingredients, including ginger and aloe vera extracts plus grape seed oil and wheat protein, to further help hair regrowth and strengthen new strands as they emerge from their follicles.

Natural Solutions to Thinning Hair

Onèss Shampoo's unique formula can help restore thinning hair and promote new growth. Take advantage of the proven science of stem cell therapy and get yours now.

Onèss Shampoo

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