Conditioner for Hair Loss

Oness Products prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. Designed for men and women.

Researchers have been striving for ways to combat hair loss since time began. Our concept originates from breakthroughs made in the mid-1990’s with the use of natural and efficient products for the scalp and hair, mixing pure grade essential oils to treat myriad specific needs and concerns – the largest of which was, of course, recurrent hair loss.

It is widely known that genetics play an important role in hair loss, but it is not the only cause; nutrition and chemicals are also determinant. Essential oils such as rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and tea tree cleanse the scalp, remove toxins, and regulate ph as base functions, but also work in much deeper and more scientific ways as they resonate on vibration scales – quantifiable in actual Megahertz. In other words, these oils send electricity to hair follicles, regenerate dormant cells, and ultimately regrow hair. 

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Stem cell research proved the next breakthrough as researchers discovered new ways to activate the stem cells in the hair follicle to make hair grow. Research has led and may continue to lead to new natural drugs from plants promoting hair growth for individuals with baldness or alopecia, which is hair loss associated with such factors as hormonal imbalance, stress, aging, or chemotherapy treatment. 

Onèss combines the best of all these elements – pure grade essential oils and stem cell research – for a formula developed in France that is now being produced in the United States.

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Herve Onossian

Meet Herve Onossian - a hairstyle virtuoso, ingenious designer, and the founder of the groundbreaking haircare line, Onèss. Born and raised in Paris, the capital of fashion and glamour, Herve's passion for hair and beauty was ignited in him at an early age by his father and grandfather, both celebrated Parisian hairstylists.

At the age of just 17, Herve underwent a professional training program in hair cutting, styling, and coloring at some of the most well-regarded salons in Paris. His cutting-edge techniques and unmatched skills soon led him to open his own salon. Herve's exceptional talent for sculpting - not just cutting hair - has made him the go-to hairstylist for a diverse range of clients, including high-flying business moguls, celebs, models, and jet setters.

Herve's unrivaled ability to bring out the natural beauty in each client has earned him an extensive portfolio of unique looks that enhance the individual's beauty, leaving them feeling confident, empowered, and inspired. Herve's love for art and shape has led him to draw inspiration from nature, creating works that reflect the unique character, color, and movement of the human form, which are exhibited in local galleries.

But Herve's passion for hair care goes beyond the salon and the studio. He has developed his own revolutionary hair loss solution, Onèss, which is fast gaining a global reputation for its exceptional effectiveness in promoting hair growth and warding off hair loss. Using plant stem cells, Onèss is 100% natural and ideal for anyone seeking to achieve healthy, beautiful hair naturally. Herve's uncanny understanding of the intricacies of hair care combined with his innovative approach to styling has resulted in one of the most remarkable haircare lines in the market today. Onèss is a testament to Herve's commitment to bring about outstanding results through natural means. Join the throngs of satisfied customers who have discovered the power of Onèss and experience the magic of Herve Onossian's exceptional approach to hairstyling and hair care.